Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the different platforms for accessing the UDAY Portal or UDAY App?

The details under UDAY may be accessed through following means:

  • Web based UDAY Portal (
  • Android based app, may be downloaded through App store
  • IOS based app, may be downloaded through iOS App store

2. What information is available on this portal?

The portal broadly consists of 4 parts showing the performance of States /DISCOMS joined under UDAY:

  • Dashboard (at three levels i.e. National, State and DISCOM)
  • Post Uday Improvement Trend (separately for State and DISCOM)
  • Improvement Barometer (separately for State and DISCOM)
  • Ranking (separately for State and DISCOM)

Above mentioned items reflect the position pertaining to National status (combined status of UDAY States only), respective State and DISCOM details on major UDAY performance monitoring parameters.

3. What is UDAY Dashboard (National, State and DISCOM)?

It signifies performance (of Nation as a whole / State / DISCOM) as on date on major financial/ Operational UDAY Parameters. The Dashboard represents the cumulative progress (i.e. Pre and Post signing of MoU under UDAY) made by the DISCOM on these parameters.

4. What do we mean by Post Uday Improvement Trend?

It depicts the cumulative/quarterly progress, in absolute terms, achieved by the State / DISCOM during post UDAY period in graphical form. Post-Uday position is shown through green bars and pre-UDAY position (i.e. as on 31.03.2016) is shown through blue bar in the graphs.

5. What do we mean by Improvement Barometer? How it is being evaluated?

It signifies the post UDAY cumulative progress (on annual basis) made by State / DISCOM on targets set against selected 14 UDAY parameters. For first twelve parameters, the performance of State / DISCOM is evaluated by comparing the achievement with respect to the targets submitted or MoU projections.

Calculation for assigning the marks against improvement shall be done on quarterly basis based on data entered/provided by the DISCOM.

6. How the ranking of State / DISCOM are being evaluated?

On the basis of marks obtained by State / DISCOM in Improvement barometer performance ranking (separately for State and DISCOM) is carried out. The State / DISCOM getting highest marks will be ranked first and accordingly the other DISCOMs will be ranked.

7. What are the main features of UDAY portal?

One can see the combinedposition of all UDAY Stateson major parameters covered under UDAY. By clicking on any major parameters on National Dashboard, one can see the State-wise position onthat particular parameter. The same is also true for viewing the position of respective DISCOMs on various UDAY parameters.

One can also see the no. of states joined, MoUs signed by states and ranking of UDAY States/ Utilities based on performance against major UDAY parameters.

8. Does the National Dashboard of UDAY portal compile data of all the Indian States?

No, it compiles the available data of UDAY states only.

9. How does one navigate on UDAY Portal/ App?

By accessing : through internet or downloading UDAY App from Android/ IOS platform. Through this link, one directly reaches on UDAY National Dashboard, depicting the parameter-wise progress. By clicking on any state link on the India map, one can go to the state dashboard and further on to DISCOM dashboard to see the relevant details.

10. What is the source of data?

Data depicted are as provided or entered by DISCOMs

11. Which browsers and version are best suited for the optimal display of content?

Latest version of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla

12. Can authorized State/DISCOMs officers change login ID and password?

Login Id cannot be changed by DISCOM but password can be changed by DISCOM by following the instructions provided.

13. Can annual targets for various operational and financial parameters be different from those agreed in signed MOU? If yes, who is authorized to make these changes in the portal?

It is expected that the yearly targets are same as in case of MoU signed.

14. Are there any guidelines/instructions to split half yearly/ annual targets into monthly targets ?

No, it is upto DISCOM how they intend to spilt the half-yearly/yearly targets into monthly targets. However, if it is not done by DISCOM, the targets shall be equally divided automatically for relevant computation. (Pl also refer Ans. No 15).

15. In case, quarterly targets are not filled by the DISCOM/State, is there any provision in the system to automatically pick up quarterly targets from annual/baseline targets? If yes, what is the methodology?

Where quarterly targets are not provided by Utility, in case of AT&C Loss, ACS-ARR Gap, Transmission Loss, the yearly targets shall be treated as quarterly targets; for other quarterly parameters, One fourth of yearly targets shall be considered. (Pl also refer Ans. No 14).

16. Is it possible for DISCOMs/State to edit the data after submission? If not, what procedure has to adopted to change the data?

Once the data are 'Saved and Submitted' by DISCOM, the same cannot be changed by them. However, if the DISCOM wants to change the submitted data, they need to send a request by email to portal admin for the same.

17. What formula is being used for determining ACS-ARR gap at DISCOM level

'Total Input Energy' based formula are being ulitised for calculating ACS and ARR for arriving at Gap figure.

18. What formula is being used for determining ACS-ARR gap at State/National level

In case of States having more than one DISCOM, the combined figures of Total Expenditure, Total Income and Total Input Energy are being used to calculate the State level ACS - ARR Gap. Similarly, the combined figures of these three indices for all UDAY States are being used for arriving at the National level ACS-ARR Gap.

19. Do Discom need to specify percentage of RPO separately for solar and non-solar sources?


20. If for a particular parameter the target is zero but still there is some achievement, then how the marks are assigned?

100% of marks shall be assigned in such case.

21. Is it possible to export the information depicted in the charts from UDAY Web Portal?

Yes the information can be exported in png, jpg, pdf, xls and svg formats

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